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Welcome Foodies! 

Home of Divine Food. 

Since 2015, Divine Goodness Catering has been serving the District, Maryland and Virginia (D.M.V.) area delicious, home cooked meals directly from our kitchen to yours. We pride ourselves on providing healthy and customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine. We bring our expertise to your home or event, providing you satisfaction and a peace of mind. 


Catering Services


On-Premise Catering

Food is prepared on-site at client's preferred location, served to the client and guests or setup for self-service.


* Small to Large Events

* Full Service

* Self-Service


Off-Premise Catering

Food is prepared off-site and transported to the client's preferred location. 


* Small to Large Events

* Full Service


* Drop-off Only

Meal Prep Service

Divine Goodness Catering provides quality, flavorful and health-conscious meals for your convenience. All you need to do is heat and enjoy on your schedule, giving you the freedom to relish top-quality meals without making an effort. Check out our meal prep options and order your meal preps today!

Cold-Pressed Juices

Are you in need of a good detox or cleanse?

Divine Goodness Catering provides cold-pressed juices that contains extracted essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Great fuel for the body inside and out! 


Private Dinner


Looking to host family and friends or planning an intimate dinner? Divine Goodness Catering offers tailor-made options to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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