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I Guess We're Doing This!

So check it. For years I've been wanting to start a blog; but I couldn't figure out how to tie it into the business; and maybe there were some excuses sprinkled in as well. I now realize I was overthinking it, as I so often do. At first I thought - "if I start a blog on my business website it has to be tied specifically to the business and nothing else, right?!" Lies! Who said? I make the rules and "U do what U want when U Poppin!" So I guess we're doing this!

Hi! Chef Kendra here. My fam calls me Ken. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm excited to start this blogging journey. Looking forward to sharing a little bit (just a smidge) about myself, so my clients and you, currently reading my very first blog post (screams silently), can get to know me - the woman behind the divine eats, a little better. So pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine (a good Riesling or Cab is my jam) and get ready to tune in.

I have so many topics I THINK I want to discuss, but only time will tell. Journaling is my thing, so starting this blog will be another outlet for me to share my thoughts with others besides myself and God ("Big G" or "G" is what I call him). I'm a Pisces baby and very entuned with my intuition and feelings. I love hard and wear my heart on my sleeve. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Extremely sarcastic and loving at the same time. Are y'all ready to come on this journey with me? What are some topics you would like me to blog about? Drop them below and let's talk about it.

Until next time...

Chef Ken


S/O to my sister-friend Long Legged Lauren (LLL) for the confirmation and inspiration way back when. Check her out IG: @long_legged_lauren Love you Vone!

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